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Looking for travel events for us by us? Well BlackPeopleTravel.net is here for you. What is BlackPeopleTravel.net? BlackPeopleTravel.net is a social media, travel and event website, by us, catered just for us. We’re your one stop shop resource for trips, events, sports, concert or theater tickets.

  • Create a profile, upload your travel pics and videos.
  • Create or join a travel group, invite your friends, chat individually, group chat or video chat with your friends.
  • Use black emojis and smileys that represent us.
  • Challenge your friends to a game.
  • Book your own trip.
  • Purchase sports, concerts or theater tickets.
  • Find and book hundreds of events catered for us including the Essence Music Festival, the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, the Capital Jazz Cruise, the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards, the BET Experience, the NBA All Star Weekend, HBCU Events and many many more!
  • Download the Black People Travel and BPT Chat app. (coming soon)
BlackPeopleTravel.net. Find and book travel events for us by us.